Please note that our 3 branches are open by appointment only.

The Côté advantage

When you select Maisons usinées Côté to build your home, you're choosing a down-to-earth team, 100% dedicated to your project. Our residential projects are delivered on budget. In addition, plans for any model can be tailored to your needs and your dream home.

Your home is built out of the weather and the cold in our manufacturing plant.

Meet your team

Your home is in good hands.


Your advisor

With your needs in mind, your advisor can guide you every step of the way, from choosing a model to financing your construction project.


Your draftsperson

The draftsperson's job is to develop personalized plans for your factory-built home, responding to your needs.


Your designer

You and your dedicated designer will come up with your final development plans, including your choice of colours and upholstery. Following these meetings, we can start building your home!

From construction to the job site

Now that your design is done, we will make your dreams a reality, starting the construction of your home.

Building your home

Our experienced construction teamncan begin building different modules. You are always welcome to come to our plant and follow the construction of your home!

Module delivery

The delivery of your home takes only a few hours. Everything is determined to the last detail to make this day unforgettable for you. Get out your cameras and invite your friends!

The job site

The Maisons usinées Côté construction team will take it from here to apply the finishing touches and final construction details. At this stage, we do a complete building inspection to ensure compliance.

Your home’s outer casing

Whether you have opted for canexel, wood, brick or stone, count on a team of experts to take over the site to complete the outer casing of your home.

Always at your service

To provide you with the best support ever, our customer service will always be there for you. At Maisons usinées Côté, we take the time to determine the satisfaction of our customers once the project is over. We are devoted to you from the beginning of your project to the toast at your housewarming!

Start your project now

Make your dream home a reality immediately. With Maisons usinées Côté, live in a home you love, tailored to your needs by a team fully dedicated to your project.

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