Move in by 2023.


Real Estate is in Full Swing!

At this unusual time, many of you are wondering about the delivery delays of a factory-built house, so we wanted to give you a little more information about the current situation.

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has affected many industries and has had unprecedented consequences for most of us. The construction industry has been hard hit by labour shortages, rising material costs, and long lead times for the receipt of construction materials.

All of us are faced with a situation that has had major repercussions on our activities and our management processes. Rest assured that Maisons usinées Côté is taking all the necessary measures to get through these exceptional times, and to manage the impacts of the situation with the utmost rigour.

As some of the pandemic’s effects are beyond our control, production times are now longer than usual. At the moment, orders are being taken for the year 2023. Nevertheless, since a construction project requires time and organization, it would be wise to get started on your 2023 project now!

To avoid delays, we ensure regular and transparent communication with our suppliers. For the time being, we are maintaining an efficient production rate, made possible by our very thorough management of current orders.

Despite the various challenges that make our commitments more difficult to fulfil, we strive to meet the demands of the market, to ensure that we meet your needs and to continue to offer you a service worthy of our reputation.

Our dedicated team’s priority is to bring your project to fruition by diligently working on it until it has been successfully completed.

If you have any questions, we invite you to make an appointment with one of our representatives in order to discuss and plan your future construction project. In planning your project today, you can anticipate moving into your new factory-built home in 2023.

After this meeting, you will have a clearer insight into the purchasing process and delivery times of a factory-built home in the midst of a pandemic!

Thank you for your trust, understanding and great cooperation.