External perspective M3 Model
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Type of property
Two-level / Residential / Cottage
1,713 pi2
1 bedroom
$300,000 to $349,000 (+ tax)
Because each project is unique, its price inevitably varies according to the different options chosen. Our advisors can give you a better idea of the budget required, once your different choices are made. Note that the prices indicated in our price scale refer to basic models.
Perspective extérieure modèle M3 avec terrasse et cours

About the model

Designed for comfort, the M3 offers seductive modern and minimalist cubic architecture. Breaking with traditional housing codes, this architectural model uses the attributes of the cube, such as right angles, to create shapes with contemporary lines. Streamlining allows installation of large glassed-in spaces along the facades. An intelligent assembly of volumes, associated with a good orientation of the home, will allow you to enjoy the benefits of this construction. The M3 is simple, elegant and spacious, offering maximum indoor space for maximum comfort.

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Frank and Loan


Plans and configuration

Home Features

This cubic model is a current architectural trend, ideal for installation on a lakeshore or a mountainside. The M3's rectangular design simplifies shapes while optimizing the building's use of space and footprint. Its simplified juxtaposition offers the possibility of adding a splendid large deck, at its owners’ discretion. Nine-foot ceilings, combined with large bay windows, offer a bright and friendly space. The straight walls facilitate the interior layout of the rooms while avoiding wasted space. The coverings are maintenance-free so you can take more advantage of your free time.

SIZE: 1,713 ft2
NO. OF BEDROOMS: 3 *The number of bedrooms is a customizable element.

Kitchen:  12’-0’’ X 9’-7’’
Dining room: 9’-10’’ X 15’-0’’
Living room: 13’-0’’ X 15’-0’’
Bedroom 1: 10’-6’’ X 13’-9’’
Bedroom 2: 10’-0’’ X 10’-8’’
Bedroom 3: 11’-0’’ X 9’-5’’
Office 9’-6’’ X 10’-9’’
+ Layout of the area according to the needs.
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Plan plancher rez-de-jardin modèle M3
Plan plancher étage modèle M3

Interior and exterior views

Perspective extérieure modèle M3 vue de côté cube moderne
Perspective extérieure modèle M3 vue d'oiseau de loin avec terrasses
Perspective intérieure modèle M3 ilot cuisine salon et escaliers
Perspective intérieure modèle M3 salon et comptoir
Perspective extérieure modèle M3 vue de face
Perspective extérieure modèle M3 vue de la cours avec terrasse
Perspective intérieure modèle M3 aire ouverte salon et salle à manger
Perspective extérieure modèle M3 cubes
Perspective extérieure modèle M3 vue aérienne de la cours avec terrasses
Perspective intérieure modèle M3 cuisine et salle à manger (1)
Perspective intérieure modèle M3 cuisine
Perspective extérieure modèle M3 cubique
Perspective intérieure modèle M3 salon salle à manger et cuisine
Perspective extérieure modèle M3 avec terrasse et cours
Salon et salle à manger modèle M3 perspective intérieure
Perspective intérieure modèle M3 cuisine et salle à manger
Salle de séjour ou bureau modèle M3 étage
New model


The farmhouse style in all its modernity

In the same family as our Martini model, the Martina, with its modern farmhouse, has everything you could want in a warm and welcoming home. Inspired by 19th century American farmhouses, this model has been adapted to current standards and design.

You may visit this model at our St-Lin-Laurentides sales office.

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Perspective extérieure devant maison Martina vue de côté

Additional information

Basic inclusions  

Interior finishing 

  • Interior doors and handles
  • Finger jointed MDF baseboards and frames (installation not included)
  • Stairs in pressed wood and aspenite


  • Cabinets and Countertops
  • Space designed for appliances
  • Stainless Steel Double Sink
  • Plumbing Fixtures 
  • Range Hood 


  • Bathroom Vanity and Countertop
  • Sink and Toilet (installation not included)
  • Bathtub and Shower (shower door installation not included)
  • Sink, Shower and Bathtub Fixtures
  • Space for Washer and Dryer


  • 200-ampere electric panel and mast with breakers (installation not included)
  • Electric baseboard heating and electronic thermostats 
  • All interior and exterior switches and electrical outlets 
  • Interior (installation not included) and exterior light fixtures
  • Electric smoke detectors / battery
  • Telephone and cable outlets
  • Exterior electrical outlets Venmar air exchanger, heat recovery ventilator 


Use of Prestige Panel structural insulated panels for insulation superior to construction standards. 

Exterior finishing 

  • Insulated Steel Door, Patio Door and Handles
  • Energy Star Casement Windows and Multipoint Lock
  • Exterior Siding
  • Fascias and Soffits
  • Shingles guaranteed 25 years 

Available as option 

Cathedral ceiling 

Some of the plans of our models can be modified to have a cathedral ceiling in the common areas or throughout the home.  This modification, which adds panache to any living area, is usually greatly appreciated by our customers who have cottages.  

Ceiling raised to 8’- 7’’ 

On some specific models, it is possible to raise the ceilings to accentuate the height of the rooms.  

Basement entrance on the side 

If you intend to create an independent dwelling in the basement of your home, it is possible and easy to add a basement entrance separate from the main space.   


For some models, we offer the possibility of adding a mezzanine in the cathedral space to accommodate a living room or an extra bedroom.  

Split entrance

An entrance to the upper level is offered as an option on almost all of our models.  


Some of our models can easily be transformed into intergenerational homes to house your whole extended family under the same roof.  

Skylight and veranda  

It is possible to add a skylight or a veranda on all of our models, to take advantage of this exterior space.  

Your responsibilities  

  • Find the land
  • Excavate, lay the foundation and prepare the land
  • Install the well, the septic tank and the culvert (if necessary)
  • Provide for a crane (if necessary)
  • Connect the plumbing and electricity
  • Insulate the basement
  • Grout and paint
  • Install the floor and wall coverings of your choice
  • Build the balconies and install the gutters
  • Complete the masonry and miscellaneous finishing works

The Maisons usinées Côté promise

Feuille d'érable
Premium Canadian lumber
Our walls stand out for their unique composition of Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) composed of premium Canadian lumber.
Fleur de Lys
100% manufactured in Québec
Our head office and factory are located in Saint-Lin-Laurentides and we have two other branches, one in Gatineau and one in Rivière-Rouge, to serve you better. Our Structured Insulated Panel (SIP) walls are designed by our sister company, Prestige Panel Solution, located in Victoriaville. Our kitchen cabinets are also manufactured at our factory, attached to our assembly line.
Insulation and sealing
Our polyiso insulation and sealing of our walls, joints and windows conserve coolness in summer and heat in winter. In the long term, the quality of our construction helps reduce maintenance costs and heating and air conditioning expenses.
Soundproofing superior to the standards
Take advantage of good soundproofing and acoustic performance for a better quality of life!
Reduction of the ecological footprint
In the factory, nothing is wasted, everything is planned! All our scrap is redistributed or recycled. Also, because we are totally local, we minimize our environmental load, while offering high-quality products.
Superior energy performance
Strict assembly rules in a controlled environment ensure that our homes are more energy-efficient. Thanks to our R-36* walls, you will notice a major reduction of electricity costs, up to 50%. *Certified by an independent laboratory