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The perfect balance between design and ergonomics

Friday, January 6, 2017 4:20 PM

Interview with Marc Ratté, the master designer behind Maisons usinées Côté

For the past seven years, Marc Ratté, Maisons usinées Côté’s exclusive and renowned designer, holds the prestigious position of Design Director. He signs each of the projects. He draws customized plans for an increasingly refined clientele. “My mandate is simple.  Achieving the optimal balance between a designer’s concept and a home in which to live. At Maisons usinées Côté, we build houses for the real life, with no compromise on design.”

This perfect harmony is at the heart of the designer’s creative approach, drawing his inspiration while travelling and during his marathons. “At Maisons usinées Côté, my team focuses on quality rather than quantity. Each house is unique ... just like our clients. That is the spirit in which we start every project. Marc Ratté is at the helm of the department, surrounded by a team of designers, draftspersons and technologists oriented towards one common goal: that the house will be a reflection of its owner. ‘Design and architecture are beautiful, but people must also be able to live in that house,’ says Marc Ratté.

Your house, customized to your needs, without compromise!

Contrary to what many believe, pre-engineered homes are not all the same. ‘It’s an old perception that must be discarded! The houses leaving our production plant are unique, never a copy-paste,’ says Marc Ratté in an interview with the Journal de Montréal in September 2016.

At Maisons usinées Côté, customization is truly a major advantage. ‘Our customers often have a very precise idea of what they want and it is frequently not their first homes. They know what they want and, especially, what they don’t want anymore,’ adds the master designer. ‘My team needs to be attuned to their needs and identify their lifestyle in order to design a home that will fulfill their aspirations.’ A home that reflects who you are, that is Maisons usinées Côté’s commitment!